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29 Mar

Many of you have told me over the course of several weeks that the links that I post to my Facebook are your primary source of news. First of all, I find that scary. Seriously people, make CNN your homepage or something. But absent that, I felt I needed to do something to leverage (in a good way) the influence I have over your news consumption.

So I’m starting this site.

Here I plan to post a daily roundup of stories and links I feel that are important and deserve your attention. I may or may not include commentary and will post other items as I see fit.

Even though I’ll be posting my links on here from now on, that doesn’t mean you need to bookmark this site or remember to go to it each day – I will post a link to the daily roundup each day on Facebook so all you will have to do is click on one link to see all of today’s noteworthy stories.