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Conan, Day 2

9 Nov

If the premiere of Conan showed that the comedian was excited to be back on the air, then the second episode demonstrated that O’Brien can still produce good comedy under pressure.

There were still NBC and TBS jokes, but they fewer and were offset with topical, news-based humor. These kind of quick-hit one-liners aren’t Conan’s strong suit, but it good that he’s still planning on making room for them. The new job jokes will probably only hold for a few more days before becoming stale.

The substance of the show was better than day one, drawing Tom Hanks and Soundgarden. I mean, Tom Hanks! Conan even managed to get Hanks to play along with a physical comedy bit which involved Hanks getting wet. The more pronounced presence of physical comedy is a Conan signature and if done well will be a great way for the show to differentiate itself from competitors.

All in all, a strong show. I’ll continue to tune in.