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The Daily Roundup

5 Apr

Video showing American soldiers from Apache helicopters killing Iraqi civilians, including two Reuters journalists as well as injuring two children, was released today by Wikileaks, a whistleblower site that specializes in releasing secret and otherwise covered-up information.

The video of those killings is at the top of the post, as released by Wikileaks. The video also contains the audio communications of the soldiers as the event was taking place.

The soldiers who fired on the group of civilians gained permission to engage and from the audio apparently believed the civilians were insurgents because the two journalists were carrying cameras, which the soldiers thought were RPGs. When one of the journalists puts the camera up to take a photo, it looks as if he is getting ready to fire a RPG, so the soliders from their helicopters open fire.

After killing most the men in the group, one of photographers is seen on the aerial footage still alive. One of the soldiers can be heard saying that he hopes the injured man picks up a weapon which would then allow the soldier to kill the man, under the rules of engagement.

A short time later, a van pulls up to the scene and men emerge and begin to pick up the bodies. The soldiers believe these to be more insurgents so they open fire. In reality, they were the family of the victims. In the van were two children, both of whom were seriously injured.

Later, U.S. foot soldiers arrive and take the children away to receive medical care. A tank that arrives also drives over a body.

The military’s investigation of the incident concluded that the soldiers did not violate the rules of engagement and did not act improperly.

It should be noted that the incident occurred in an area known for insurgent activity.

The Huffington Post has a good post with additional video and analysis. The New York Times also released a story.

In the latest development into Catholic priest sexual abuse scandal, it was revealed that the Vatican did not take any action against a priest working in India after he was charged with molestation in the United States.

Gallup released a new poll showing that members of the Tea Party have demographics that fairly similar to the population in general.

The fundraising chief of Kansas Athletics (aka KU athletics) resigned today. Kansas Athletics has been under a federal investigation involving possibly illegal sale of basketball tickets.

That’s The Daily Roundup. Enjoy your evening.