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The Saturday Morning Post

3 Apr

Hello, everyone. I’ve been busy with life the past couple of days and haven’t been able to provide a daily roundup, so I thought I should at least provide a few links today.

The New York Times is liveblogging the launch of the iPad here.

President Obama at an event on Friday gave a 17 minute answer to an 12 word question. The Washington Post has the story.

I’m all about the iPad today, so continuing on with that theme, here‘s a quick review of a magazine application developed for the gadget that suggests that the iPad has a lot of potential.

Fake Steve Jobs has a new post about the iPad release.

Today we find ourselves in that day between Good Friday and Easter. Brett McCracken at Relevant Magazine has a reflection.

That’s it. Enjoy your day!


Students loans now own your soul a little less

30 Mar

President Obama signed student loan reform into law today. The law was part of the health care bill. The Associated Press has a story on the signing here.

The reforms will mean a few very specific changes for students. USAToday outlined them recently in a story.

Some key points, according to USAToday:

  • Lower interest rates for parent borrowers and graduate students
  • Lower payments for low-income graduates
  • Expanded Pell Grants

I think these changes will be helpful.

The Daily Roundup

29 Mar

Today started with suicide bombings of the Moscow subway system. Dozens were killed. The origin of the attack is still under investigation.

The Guardian (great British newspaper) has coverage here. The New York Times here. And the BBC here.

An interesting angle of this story is that the suicide bombers were female. The Times analyzes.

Expenses incurred at a California strip club were funded by the Republican National Committee, The Daily Caller, a conservative-leaning news organization, reported today. Some GOP officials have called for the resignation of Chairman Michael Steele.

Members of the Christianist militia group Hutaree have been charged after being arrested over the weekend. The group planned to kill a police officer and then later ambush the officer’s funeral procession, The Detroit Free Press reports.

Following last week’s passage of the health care bill, some Republicans have called for the repeal of the bill and have made it a part of their campaign for the 2010 midterms.

There’s just one problem: repealing the legislation following the 2010 midterms would be literally impossible.

Even if Republicans won every single House seat (all 400+ members are up for reelection) and every single Senate seat up for reelection, they would not be able to secure a 2/3 majority in the Senate needed for a veto because not enough senators are up for reelection. Simply put, the law is repeal proof through the 2012 elections.

George Stephanopolous of ABC News blogs about it here.

CNN had an interesting video about news site Politico. The D.C. politics site has changed the way political reporting is done and the story examines what kind of effects their type of reporting has on the rest of the media.

I personally visit Politico all the time. They break most major political stories and they have tons of stories that you would never find anywhere else. That being said, they are SO good at breaking news that too often other news organizations feel the need to copy the kind of stories Politico does, which can sometimes be very shallow and sloppy.

And that’s what The Daily Roundup looks like.

Have a great evening.