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The Daily Roundup

12 May

Too much stuff going on not to write.

A big shift is happening in British politics as conservative David Cameron and liberal democrat Nick Clegg have become prime minister and deputy prime minister, respectively. The Guardian examines.

Arizona banned ethnic studies. Yeah.

CNN has an ascot problem.

Facebook is conducting an all-company meeting Thursday to talk about privacy. Facebook has taken quite a beating lately for its privacy policy.

Some are saying that a picture of Supreme Court nominee playing softball that was on the front page of Tuesday’s Wall Street Journal implies she’s a lesbian.

The Columbia Journalism Review takes a look.

Seven kindergartners were hacked to death in China.

A single boy survived a jet crash in Libya.

I’m so ready for finals to be over. Hopefully I will be updating more over the summer.

And that’s the Daily Roundup. Have a great evening.


The Daily Roundup

21 Apr

A small roundup today.

Why American conservatives are concerned about the election of a Liberal Democrat in Britain.

Earlier this week a Fox News commentator criticized Jon Stewart. Jon Stewart responded. And now Bernie Goldberg, the commentator, responds to the response.

Should laptops be banned in lecture?

That’s The Daily Roundup. Have a great evening.