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The Daily Roundup

5 Apr

Video showing American soldiers from Apache helicopters killing Iraqi civilians, including two Reuters journalists as well as injuring two children, was released today by Wikileaks, a whistleblower site that specializes in releasing secret and otherwise covered-up information.

The video of those killings is at the top of the post, as released by Wikileaks. The video also contains the audio communications of the soldiers as the event was taking place.

The soldiers who fired on the group of civilians gained permission to engage and from the audio apparently believed the civilians were insurgents because the two journalists were carrying cameras, which the soldiers thought were RPGs. When one of the journalists puts the camera up to take a photo, it looks as if he is getting ready to fire a RPG, so the soliders from their helicopters open fire.

After killing most the men in the group, one of photographers is seen on the aerial footage still alive. One of the soldiers can be heard saying that he hopes the injured man picks up a weapon which would then allow the soldier to kill the man, under the rules of engagement.

A short time later, a van pulls up to the scene and men emerge and begin to pick up the bodies. The soldiers believe these to be more insurgents so they open fire. In reality, they were the family of the victims. In the van were two children, both of whom were seriously injured.

Later, U.S. foot soldiers arrive and take the children away to receive medical care. A tank that arrives also drives over a body.

The military’s investigation of the incident concluded that the soldiers did not violate the rules of engagement and did not act improperly.

It should be noted that the incident occurred in an area known for insurgent activity.

The Huffington Post has a good post with additional video and analysis. The New York Times also released a story.

In the latest development into Catholic priest sexual abuse scandal, it was revealed that the Vatican did not take any action against a priest working in India after he was charged with molestation in the United States.

Gallup released a new poll showing that members of the Tea Party have demographics that fairly similar to the population in general.

The fundraising chief of Kansas Athletics (aka KU athletics) resigned today. Kansas Athletics has been under a federal investigation involving possibly illegal sale of basketball tickets.

That’s The Daily Roundup. Enjoy your evening.


The Saturday Morning Post

3 Apr

Hello, everyone. I’ve been busy with life the past couple of days and haven’t been able to provide a daily roundup, so I thought I should at least provide a few links today.

The New York Times is liveblogging the launch of the iPad here.

President Obama at an event on Friday gave a 17 minute answer to an 12 word question. The Washington Post has the story.

I’m all about the iPad today, so continuing on with that theme, here‘s a quick review of a magazine application developed for the gadget that suggests that the iPad has a lot of potential.

Fake Steve Jobs has a new post about the iPad release.

Today we find ourselves in that day between Good Friday and Easter. Brett McCracken at Relevant Magazine has a reflection.

That’s it. Enjoy your day!

The Daily Roundup

30 Mar

The pace of news wasn’t as fast as yesterday and there were no significant breaking stories.

Which means that today’s column by David Brooks in The New York Times is my number one recommended read for today.

Brooks examines the causes of happiness and what makes and keeps people and societies happy. While the information may not necessarily be new to you, Brooks puts an interesting twist on it using Sandra Bullock as an example.

His main point is that the quality of our relationships have a much greater effect on our happiness than our wealth or status.

Nullification. It’s been a dead and invalid legal concept since the Civil War, but recently the idea has reappeared as an argument opponents of the new health care reform law are using.

Essentially nullification refers to the idea that states can ignore or refuse to enforce federal law with which they don’t agree. It places states above the federal government.

No one has taken nullification seriously until now largely because it is not held to be a constitutionally supported concept. A few lawmakers and state officials throughout the country have revived the argument or have described nullification-like methods that they would support in order to block implementation of the new health care law.

The New Republic story on the legal concept is a worthy read.

The Large Hadron Collider began experiments this week. The world did not end, as some thought.

Evangelistic atheist Christopher Hitchens appeared on MSNBC today to speak about the sexual abuse scandal in the Catholic Church and its connection with the Pope.

Although my worldview is the polar opposite of Mr. Hitchens, that does not diminish several of his points raised in this clip. As I see it, as the scandal continues to engulf the Church, this becomes a test for not only the Catholic Church, but also Christianity as a whole because how the Catholic Church handles this crisis I’m afraid will shape how Christianity is viewed by millions of people.

The Church’s unwillingness as of yet to turn these priests over to the authorities is not good and it paints the Church as an institution that protects its clergy at the cost of justice.

Last year several Republicans in Congress derided the Census, complaining about how the Census was being handled among other issues.

One of the more far-reaching non-accusation accusations (kind of like a non-denial denial) came from Rep. Michele Bachmann.

Now, as the Census actually is being conducted, the government is finding that returns of Census forms are way down in some Republican areas, specifically in Texas, because anti-government conservatives are not turning the forms in.

Ironically, for protested who feel alienated and threatened by their government, failing to fill out the Census will result in even more alienation as federal funding will diminish.

The Houston Chronicle has the story.

And that’s The Daily Roundup. Have a great evening.