Two Weeks In

18 Jun

I wrapped up week two of the internship Friday. It’s been an incredible two weeks that feel more like two months because of everything that’s happened.

The internship itself is going well. I typically work 10-6 each day and write about 3 or 4 stories a week. Though I’ve had four stories published so far, I made it into the print edition for the first time this past Friday. It’s quite something to think that your name is on 1.8 million pieces of paper across the country – and quite a deterrent to making mistakes.

On the weekends I’ve enjoyed traveling into the District to peruse Smithsonians and stroll the mall. The landmarks are so familiar that they almost don’t seem real. The abstract reality of the Capitol and the White House and the monuments looms so much larger in my mind than their physical reality that it’s hard for me to see them as objects. When I look upon them I see the hundreds of ideas and events and concepts they represent, not the chiseled stone buildings they actually are.

Though I enjoy it here, I particularly miss my family and friends, obviously. However, I also miss sunsets and being able to see the horizon and The Well and…driving, as odd as that might sound. All I can really say is that I hope I will continue to relish and enjoy my experience here while also looking forward to reunion with all of you back there.


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