Memorial Day Madness

31 May

It may be Memorial Day, but the news never takes the day off. There are three main stories out there today.

Israeli commandos boarded a flotilla filled with civilians that was headed toward the Gaza strip. The flotilla was attempting to bring aid in the Palestinian territory, which has been subject to an Israeli blockade for quite some time.

The commandos boarded the craft while the vessel was still in international waters. In the ensuing clash, around 10 civilians were killed (there are conflicting reports).

The incident has spurred widespread outrage across the world, particularly in Turkey and Europe. Predictably, however, that outrage has not reached the United States. Many governments put out statements condemning Israel for its actions, but not the U.S. The American statement lacks the teeth of some of other nations.

The more I learn about this, the more disturbed I am. I think Andrew Sullivan at The Daily Dish hits this on the head:

Just imagine if a flotilla of anti-Tehran activists were attacked in international waters by Iran’s Revolutionary Guards, and that the Guards killed 16 or more of the civilians. What do you think Commentary would be saying then?

It seems to me that we cannot allow Israel to get away with actions that we would condemn others for; they shouldn’t get a free pass.

BP CEO Tony Hayward continues to be amazingly arrogant, suggesting recently that nine clean up workers who recently became very ill and had to be taken away on stretchers became ill from food poisoning, not from the dispersant BP is using. Whether or not he’s right, and I doubt he is, the company appears horrifyingly tone deaf.

But I suppose they have no real reason to be more forthcoming. After all, it’s not as if we’re going to stop using oil anytime soon.

CNN was incredulous.

President Obama’s Memorial Day Speech at an Illinois cemetery never got off the ground after a thunderstorm produced a massive downpour and lightning.

Have a great Memorial Day everyone.

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