BP Chairman: BP is Big and Important

25 May

The Chairman of BP said today that his company is “big and important.”

No, I’m not making that up.

That’s about as arrogant as it can get, but he’s right. BP is tremendously important to the United States and we are important to them. This is the problem with oil.

The power of the United States (us, the people) is at a certain point compromised by this dependence.

We will get mad, there will be hearings, a few people may be fired. But will anything really change in the end?

Unfortunately, I don’t think so. But perhaps the President and Congress can yet seize this moment to radically alter the way this country thinks about oil, energy, and our relationships with these huge corporations.

We can only hope.

Note: In and earlier version of this post, I accidentally attributed the “big and important” statement to the BP CEO when in fact it is actually the chairman that said it. The picture above is of BP CEO Tony Hayward..

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